Rainbows – but I think only I can see them
Maybe it’s these glasses
Everyone says they’re rose colored
And maybe they are

But I see every color
Every color of every sunset
I see the pink, the orange, the joy
I see the purple, the blue, the melancholy
And I see it all fade to absolute blackness

But even then I know that in the morning
I will see every color of the sunrise
All these colors that are like one to me
The color of life
And I never want to take these glasses off.





~All that can be heard is the squeak of flip flops
In the wee hours of the morning.
~As she succumbs to the sleeplessness
And the heat
And the pain in her heart that she refused to acknowledge before.
~She looks up to the stars, wishing that one would fall
And shed some light.
More light than this street lamp.